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Week 7 and the End of the Year

Over the last 2 weeks of the school year we welcomed back 90 of 108 children. This was completed in a staggered format, but we had a lot of fun and had the chance to catch up with everyone. 

Weeks 7 and 8

YrR -  We have rediscovered our love of water play and developed further our interests in outer space. We lunched together and had some lovely free flowing conversation. The children also spent some time doing some child led learning of their favourite activities of their choice. They were lucky enough to watch the Year 6 Sports Day events - albeit from a safe distance! 

Yr1 and 2 - We spent a lovely day at Forest School. We made mammal faces out of natural materials, added to our shelters and had fun in the stream. We ate lunch around the fire and then cooked s’mores for pudding. We then had a fun game of Eagle Eye. Congrats to Lyla for lighting her first fire after a lot of perseverance! We also wrote two sections for our mammal books today about reproduction and other special facts. We also had a KS1 mini sports day. We enjoyed lots of different field and track challenges and learnt some new skills. Well done to St. Andrew's house for scoring the most points overall! We completed the 'Diet' page of our mammal books.

Yr 3 and 4 - As a class we completed the daily mile, played capture the flag, end ball and had some free time to play. We discussed the benefits of spending time outside and exercising. Everyone achieved fantastically well today when placed outside of their comfort zone. This afternoon, was spent at our local pond. We found an amazing variety of animals and mini beasts. These included a frog, blood worms, fresh water shrimp, spiders, pregnant woodlouse, carp and many many more. The day was finished with a 'pinger' game (thank you Leyla for teaching us all). We went on a wonderful walk and played many different games. It was brilliant to see so many smiles and hear the different conversations being had by all. We are really looking forward to much of the same for the remainder of the week. Other news - the baby frogs were still there, a month after first laying eyes on them! With the Year 3, we went over to our local pond. The find on the day went to Harry who managed to find a newt. Many critters were found and once again showed the amazing variety of animals and habitats that are on our doorstep. I am so glad so many of the children were able to come back before summer holidays. Thank you everyone for making this such a memorable and fun time. I hope you all have an amazing break.

KWs - We thought about the High Weald during WW2. We learnt about the Battle of Britain and then researched the planes which were involved. We finished the day by designing and the making our own planes. We also made paper Anderson Shelters, cracked WW2 codes and then went on a walk to see a Helicopter and the nose cone of a plane. What a wonderful last day of term we have had! We enjoyed a picnic lunch together on the field, played sports - and a huge shout out to the older year groups helping the younger ones with games etc! We hope you have a wonderful summer and it has been a pleasure to have you all this week! 

Yr 5 and 6 - We had our Year 6 sports day - the final one.  A fantastic effort from one and all and great achievements all round.  Thank you to everyone who came to watch and cheer us on; we hope you had as much fun as we did!  On Tuesday, Year 6 had a brilliant afternoon where they were treated by the PTA with a leavers picnic of pizza and some fabulous cakes baked by Mrs Wall ( a huge thank you to Jess Watkins and Dom Town for all their hard work decorating, organising music and preparing all the food).   This was followed by an afternoon of activities run by Active Sports.  The kids battled hard in the nerf gun war, round, under and over the big orange inflatable obstacles and stood their ground in the gladiator duel pit (or toppled hilariously to the ground) and then showed off their best moves in the silent disco.  We saw impeccable aim with a nerf gun, steely determination and grit in the duel arena and some very groovy moves on the dance floor -  a brilliant afternoon and a great way to celebrate and reward these fantastic kids.  On Thursday, it was Year 6's final day.   Year books were signed, tears were shed, several games of dodoge ball were played and then it was time to say congratulations and bid farewell to a fantastic group of children who will be really missed.    Good luck to all of you - you will all achieve great things at your new schools.

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