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Week 5

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We are looking to source a number of items for the Pre-School and our Reception classrooms and outside area. 

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YrR- Today Robin Class had a very special morning setting our butterflies free! The butterflies were very friendly and stayed for a while with the children, flying onto their hands, arms and even heads! The children LOVED it! We also had a sports day practice too! 

Yr1 - Today we wrote letters to Duncan, pretending we were aggrieved stationary. We wrote persuasively and thought of funny things to complain about. We learnt to solve multiplication problems mentally using magic fingers. We then  had a wonderful break time watching the peacock butterflies dry their wings and take flight for the first time. We got soaked at lunchtime and then had a creative afternoon decorating our bottle fish.

KWs - From yesterday's task we noticed that some development of mindsets needed to happen. We completed many different problem solving based tasks. These were attempted as individuals, pairs, small groups and as a whole class. The aim was to discuss and develop communication, acceptance of support and identifying when this is needed, working with others and most importantly, how we use mistakes and failures to learn from and help us to solve the problem. This afternoon we completed our own Pick 'n' mix challenges and then finished the day by dodging the rain and preparing our vegetable patch for some courgette plants (thank you to the Mckenzie family). Another excellent week completed. Thank you to Hero Class for making school fun and enjoyable for all.

Yr6 - Today we began our day thinking about the language we needed to make our writing descriptive.  We then used our ideas to write either a letter, a diary or a story based on The Alchemist's Letter.   We took advantage of the sunshine and played some sport before compiling our memories for the leavers' service.  After getting a little damp in the sudden downpour at lunch time, we settled down to creating some frog inspired clay models.   We tried to use various methods of joining parts of clay such as scoring and using slip and using our hands and our tools to shape the clay. 

New Bubble - Today we discovered how the inventions from the Victorian times have enhanced our lives. We learnt about the importance of the railway lines for the High Weald. We walked down to the trainline in Stonegate. Whilst on the walk we found a number of wonderful species of animals including frogs. We finished the day solving problems using Morse Code. Mrs Wiggins and Mr Elms had a great day with this group. 


YrR - Today Robin class had a lot of discussions about moving into Year 1 and created a question board! We also explored our Phase two and three phonics through puzzles, matching games, sentence making games and rhyming cards! They worked exceptionally well as teams and helped each other with their phonics! We then spent some time in the field this afternoon. 

Yr1 - We started the day writing postcards from Neon Red Crayon. Then we prepared our own bread dough to take down to Forest School. We learnt about yeast and how it works. Oliver and Saffron built the fire and Laria lit it for the first time after many tries. All the children learnt how to whittle safely in order to prepare sticks for our bannock bread. We baked the bread while we had our lunch and then enjoyed it with some jam for our pudding! Lots of fun was also had in the stream and dens.

KWs - this morning we utilised technology to create our own graphs from yesterdays investigation. Following this a paper aeroplane challenge was issued. Children could research how to build a paper aeroplane and then design their own. This was a very interesting challenge that promoted listening skills, perseverance and accuracy. We then enjoyed an afternoon of warmer weather and played lots of sport.

Yr6 - Today, we went on a new walk round by Hammerden Farm,  and out towards Eatondon Manor Farm, Old Shoyswell Manor Farm, Bearhurst farm and back to school.   We heard and saw some skylarks, saw an albino deer,  a tractor and and war plane graveyard and some lovely houses on the way.  We even passed by Ted's house - Happy Birthday Ted!  We found some some geocaches, lots of tiny frogs and hundreds of dragonflies and butterflies.   8.6 km later, we arrived back at school, a little tired but having had a good day.  Well done to all the kids - a sterling effort!


Today we welcomed a new bubble into the school (Tuesdays and Thursdays only), this took the number of children in the school upto 61.

YrR - This morning Robin class learnt all about pollution and the effect it has on our oceans, so we created posters showing how we can save our planet! We excelled in our phonics and beat Miss Pope and Mrs Ritchie. In the afternoon we went for a magnificent walk across the fields and through forest school. Who knows what tomorrow will bring...

Yr1 - Today we used the laptops to research the places Neon Crayon visited on his way home to Duncan. We practised multiplication with Cuisenaire rods and had a fun music session with Mr Broad. In the afternoon we began to create some recycled art for a community project.

KWs - Rain rain... go away! On a rather wet Tuesday morning we completed a 'free write'. We identified the many benefits for your well-being that can be had when you clear your mind, have no pressure and when you can choose what to write about. The rest of the morning was spent setting up our own Science experiment for the afternoon. Following this we had a fantastic Music lesson from Mr Broad who made excellent use of the new Nursery structure. The afternoon was a buzz of experimenting and discussion based around our friction investigation. The day was finished off by completing the wettest daily mile to date. The children did very well, especially with the adverse weather conditions to deal with.

Yr 6 - Today, we started to create our own theme park.  We had to decide on a name, a theme and plan all the amenities, rides and attractions in line with a budget.  Mr Broad came into school to help us prepare all the songs and music for the leavers' service and we had a great outdoor sing song, whilst sheltering from the rain under the new covered nursery playground.  To escape from the rain, we enjoyed an action packed spy film but luckily managed to get outdoors for a bit of sport before home time.  

New Bubble - Today we learnt about the Roman influence in Britain. We solved problems using Roman Numerals and found out how the Romand used the High Weald to support their Iron Industry. In the afternoon, we went for a tree hunt, looking for the trees used to make the fires in the production of Iron. 

Week 5 - 29/6/20

YrR - Today reception spent the morning practicing their phonics, we played lots of phonics games independently and in teams. We also explored numbers to 100 and had a go at counting in 2s and 10s! Some of the children had brought in some seaside treasures so there was some show and tell this afternoon and some PE on the field.

Yr 1 - Today we went for a wildlife walk to look for signs of  the animals that live in temperate woodlands. We found lots of different types of clues, such as damage to trees, burrows, tracks, remains and poo. We saw evidence of deer, foxes, badgers, rabbits, woodpeckers and squirrels. We also sat quietly with our binoculars to see what we could notice. We also had a windy picnic lunch and collected King Alfred Cakes to use to light our fire at forest school this week.

KWs - Froggy fun day Monday! Hero class set off for some exciting adventures in the rolling Sussex countryside. Swallows, skylarks and baby frogs were some of the many natural wonders to be seen on our doorstep. Teamwork, fun and some risk taking led to an excellent day had by all. 

Yr 6 - Today, we explored more about volume in maths, planned some writing about the alchemist and then had an afternoon of rounders and sports.

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