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Day Three (4/6/20)

YrR have had a taster of their New Topic 'Land Ahoy' - they have created their own suitcases and wrote lists with all the important things they would need to take with them on an adventure to sea! They have also taken part in athletics on the field, team building games and then created self portraits artwork on the field.

Yr1 have been crown weaving, mono printing, measuring lengths and also did silly sentence writing.

KWs (Hero Class) had brilliant fun had estimating tree heights. They made their own measuring devices by making right angled triangles. They estimated, measured and used their knowledge of place value to then double and halve the height of the trees.

Yr6 practically learnt about radius, diameter and measure. They then found out about the history of the local area - the High Weald - by creating historical timelines and discussing the changes in the area over time. They answered the question "What shaped the High Weald?"

Day Two (3/6/20)

Again we have had a great day with the 29 pupils attending the school. The teachers have excellently combined teaching the curriculum outside of the classroom, with fun team-building activities. 

YrR went on a nature walk and saw some beautiful deer and flowers. They had a picnic on the field, played sports and finished the day with Story time, Phonics and Child Initiated Learning which included, building and art work. 

Yr1 spent time at the Forest School building dens and clearing brambles. They finished the day with computing. 

KWs (Hero Class) first task today was to dissect the owl pellets that were found in the churchyard. They discovered a multitude of bones from small rodents and had excellent conversations about the importance of a balanced Eco-system. After being scientists for the morning they joined the PGA Tour and learnt how to swing a golf club whilst working on distance control. 

Yr6 completed PE actvities testing their accuracy using balls, answered maths questions by drawing large pictures on the playground and finished the day, learning about the life and works of William Shakespeare. 

Please can parents model social distancing at the pick up and drop off times.

Day One (2/6/20)

All 29 pupils had a fun filled day with lots of activities which re-built excellent relationships within their bubbles.

Our main aim for the day was to take pressure off and allow all children to enter back into a safe and fun environment. This was highly successful and it was brilliant to get back into school, explore our surroundings and start learning. 

Please can all pupils bring a healthy snack in each day - Thank you. 

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