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Week 2

Week 2 Certificates

Thursday 11th June

YrR: Today Reception have been focusing on their under the sea art project, including looking at tones and shades to highlight the layers of the ocean. We have been working hard on planning our next steps to bring our artwork ‘to life’ ...they are looking forward to bringing their projects home next week! They have worked so hard and have enjoyed the process of producing a masterpiece!

Yr1: Today Year 1 wrote their own ‘There was an old dragon’ rhyming stories. They practised their maths number bonds to 20 and played games on the field. Then they painted the snake necklaces, which they made at Forest School, using acrylic paints.

KWs (Hero Class): We created our own hotels. There were a multitude of accessories and luxury items added. We then had to use our multiplication methods to solve the problems and calculate the cost of building our hotel. Lots of fun and mathematical conversations were had. Our daily mile saw a HUGE improvement and some amazing achievements were made by the children. Thank you for a fantastic week Hero Class!

Yr6: Today we honed our division skills with some tricky problems,  discussed the toppling of the Edward Colston statue and how history should be represented and remembered.  We found out about Tudor London and created a poster about it. 

Wednesday 10th June

YrR: Today we spent the morning exploring 3D shapes. We went on a shape hunt to find 3D shapes in our environment. Then we consolidated our learning with a timed team challenge! Robins have been creating an under the sea show outside today making “stage lighting” out of shells and stones! 

Yr1: Today Year 1 planned dragon stories and played around with rhyming words. They spent the afternoon experimenting with different mono printing techniques.

KWs (Hero Class): After measuring it out last week, we finally took part in the daily mile. Excellent perseverance was shown from Hero Class. We are now planning on building our fitness over the coming weeks. We also completed a nature based scavenger hunt called 'go find it' (thank you Mrs Ritchie). The children loved exploring our local environment with a little bit of healthy competition thrown in for good measure.

Yr6: After a fantastic daily run with great effort shown by the children to complete at least 6 laps, we explored the characters of Hermia and Egeus so that we could get into character to write our letter.  We thought about how Hermia might persuade Egeus to change his mind about who she should marry.  We used persuasive phrases, flattery and appealed to Egeus' sense of guilt to try to convince him that we should be allowed to choose our own partner.  The children all worked hard to write a great letter.  After a bit of arithmetic and a few maths games, we carried on with our 3D river model.

Tuesday 9th June 2020

YrR: Today we being learning about the five layers of the ocean and began our new art project! We explored different sea creatures which live in these different layers. We also went on a nature hunt through the forest, recapped some taught sounds and had a go at writing some sentences independently. 

Yr1: Today Yr1 looked at number bonds to 10  and used them to work out number bonds to 20. They also wrote some silly dragon sentences. Then they spent lunchtime at Forest School where they lit a fire, made elder flower pancakes, elder beads and beautiful clay creations.

KWs (Hero Class): Today we used our fantastic fishing experience from yesterday to write our own set of instructions. We went outside and edited our work collaboratively. We then had our own Wimbledon experience in the afternoon. Another brilliant day full of laughter and fun.

Yr6: We had a great day down at forest school, using our shape knowledge to create 3D shapes.  Some of the children built a great bridge over the river and others explored the habitat around the river - the kids found a frog and a toad and we discussed the differences and planned to do some more research into how they differ.  We started to look at Midsummer Nights Dream and got to grips with the beginning of the play so that we're ready to do some writing about the characters tomorrow. 

Please can all children bring a healthy snack with them each day

Monday 8th June

A great start to the week. Today we had 35 children from YrR, Yr1, Key Workers and Yr 6. 

Yr R: Today we have learnt about ocean floors, animals and habitats, wrote using WOW words about what we can see in our oceans / creatures, played sports on the field, went on a minibeast hunt and completed phonics. 

Yr 1: We went for a walk to find out what the land around Stonegate is used for. We listened to skylarks, identified trees, saw a deer and had a picnic lunch.

KWs (Hero Class): We had an excellent start to the week in Hero Class and it was lovely to welcome two more children to the group. We went fishing, mini beast hunting and pond dipping at our local pond. The catch of the day was made by RN who caught a lovely Crucian Carp. The whole group were excellent and we loved discussing habitats and spending time in our local community. This was the perfect way to set up a week of learning about your local pond and wildlife. The only down side was the amount of 'dog mess' that was found by the children. To finish the day, we created our own golf holes. We played football golf as well as the standard game of golf. A fun day had by all!

Yr 6: Today we looked  at the path a river takes and discussed the three stages of the river and how the river creates a landscape as it forges a path from the mountains to the sea. We are creating a 3D model which will show the features of each stage.

Please can parents ensure that they are at drop off and pick up at the correct time - thanks. 

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