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Week 3

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In our Teams assembly today we thought about how we can use our God Given talents. This assembly (below) was inspired by the life of Sir Paul McCartney. For the vast majority of our 41 pupils this was their last day of the week - what great experiences they have enjoyed! We have upto 6 more pupils joining us next week. 

YrR - Today we have spent their morning learning about WOW words and finding out creatures that live under the sea! We also introduced the concept of doubling and used a variety of methods to show our workings out! We then spent some time in the field this afternoon! 

Yr1 - Today Year 1 started to write their own wonderful ‘George and the Dragon’ stories. They then completed bar charts using the information that they gathered during their tree survey yesterday. In the afternoon they weaved medieval wall hangings. They found it tricky but really persevered.

KWs- Following our assembly on Sir Paul McCartney we had a magnificent morning of music (some of the teachers might not agree). We composed our own fantastic song based on multiple genres of music. The inspiration of our song came from our very own class wind instrument. I think you will all agree that this is an absolute triumph! After our resounding success this morning, we had another brilliant afternoon of sport. We made the most of the weather again. Another brilliant week had by all. 

Yr6 - Today we wrote our stories, played some sport and painted a scene of the Tudor Frost fair in the style of Lowry. 



YrR - Today Reception had a wonderful morning with Mrs Ritchie, taking part in “Field Forest School” going on minibeast hunts, looking out for changing colours in our area, collecting different colour natural resources to the colours in their magic boxes and then making flags by using the technique hapa zome. To end the day we had some visitors delivered to our class, caterpillars! We will watching them grow and keeping a daily diary of their development and growth! 

Yr1 - Today Yr1 planned and practised telling their own ‘George and Dragon stories.
They conducted a tree survey by completing a tally chart and used their own leaf dials to identify trees. They played some games on the field and then finished the day with some phonics and reading.

KWs -  Creative learning Wednesday! Wild weaving, outdoor art, fantastic fire making and much much more. We had an excellent day making the most of the weather. The daily mile was completed and personal bests were set by many of the children. 

Yr6 - Today we read some more of Midsummer NIght's Dream.  By looking at the scenario where Oberon plays a trick on Titania so that she is made to look like a fool, the children have planned their own stories where the protagonist decides to play a trick on another character. In maths, we looked at probability by sorting smarties into different colours and finding proportion as a fraction, a decimal and a percentage - they also proved to be a nice snack! After some sport on the field, we spent time finding out about the frost fair so that we were ready to create a painting based on it tomorrow.  


YrR - Today Robin class explored their Land Ahoy topic by looking at under the sea creatures! We had a very interesting visitor to our classroom this morning ...a crab! So we spent the morning finding out about different types of crabs we could find! We also spent afternoon on the field participating in team building games!

Yr1 - Today we learnt to tell ‘George and the Dragon’ using actions to help us. We learnt how to add to the next 10. Then we spent the rest of the day at Forest School where we had lunch, made rope bridges, created clay dragons, found a frog, did some flower printing and cooked marshmallows for smores.

KWs - We started working out the costing of our luxury hotels by using long multiplication methods (grid and column). We had some HUGE amounts of money that had been spent in creating our own dream hotels. From yesterday's amazing encounter with the frogs, we then researched and re-created our own life cycle of a frog using natural materials. We has some excellent discussions whilst letting our creative juices flow. 

Yr6 - Today, we headed down to the Rother River to carry out some Geography field work skills. The kids did brilliantly as it was a long walk in hot weather.  While we were there the children mapped the course of the river from source to mouth on an OS map, sketched the river environment and tested the flow rate of the river.  We discovered a lot about what affects the flow rate - we discussed the effect of water depth, meanders and riverbed materials.  While carry out the field work, the children were also able to use their maths skills to measure and time carefully. 


Today we welcomed 41 pupils across our 4 'bubbles' in the school. We had a 'Teams' assembly all about elephants - you may want to share it at home?

YrR - Today Robin class had a morning understanding their emotions and creating their “emotion monsters” to capture their feelings during lockdown and compared them to now. We represented the emotion through a range of colours and began to make our video clips explaining our monsters to go with them! They were very respectful to their peers and listened intently and responded well to what was said by others. They can’t wait to share them with you! Ottilie also wrote a birthday card to her buddy! 

Yr1 - Today Year 1 went for a walk through the fields and spotted a herd of deer. They found a lovely spot to have their lunch and then sketched the view. They then tried continuous line drawings of interesting things that they found in the grass. In maths they focused on multiples of 10 and worked out how to add up to the next ten from any 2 digit number. They finished the day listening to some ‘Revolting Rhymes’.

KWs - Another super start to our week in Hero Class. We went for a walk and focused on our map skills. As well as these skills we also completed some observational art, played forty forty hide 'n' seek and overcame some fears by taking some calculated risks. Lots of amazing achievements were had and a huge amount of laughter and fun. On the walk we were also lucky enough to see one of natures amazing events. Hundreds of new born frogs or toads (this is going to be researched by the children tomorrow) were hopping across the path on their first adventure. This will form the basis of the children's learning tomorrow.

Yr6 - Today, we completed painting our 3D river models, improved our maths skills and accepted the quiz challenge from Hero class.  We enjoyed reading The Giant's Necklace together playing some football on the field too. 

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