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The 2 children in this Friday Morning group had fun with Madame Greenwood learning French and painting their Hot Air Balloons. 


Today we had an assembly about the life of Gaudi - please take a look below

YrR - Today Robin class continued their own under the sea adventure stories, working hard on their independent writing! We explored some of the books the children had brought in about our topic too, they loved talking about their books with each other. They also had a go at making a class rocket and launched them in the field. A another very hot enjoyable day! Have a lovely weekend! 

Yr1 - Today we learnt about California, Neon Crayon’s first stop of his world tour. We looked at some of its geographical features and  found out about why countries have different seasons. We then began to write Neon Crayon’s journal. We practised using our number bonds to 10 to solve related facts and had a wonderful lunchtime in the Field School area.

KWs - The weeks are flying by! We finished designing our rockets ready for launching up on the field. Not only were the designs and aerodynamic adaptations highly effective, the water was also an excellent refreshment to combat the heat. We collated our results, discussed variables and launch angles (scientific thinking) to try and maximise distance. Thank you very much to Reception class for taking me up on the challenge of making a rocket. Their 14 metres was a very respectable distance and their design was brilliant. 

Yr6 - Today we had a great game of End Ball, looked at the story of the Alchemist's Son, discussed the leavers' service and did some maths. 


YrR - Today Robin Class became authors and started our very own story books. We then enjoyed the wonderful weather and created our own bubble wands, put on a show and made “ice creams” in the mud kitchen. The children then explored mixing colours through coloured wooden blocks, they noticed how the colours changed when they put them in different orders. The children created: orange, purple and green! We then enjoyed bowling and quoits on the field! 

Yr1 - Today we found out about the places that Neon Red Crayon visited on his travels. We identified their geographical, talked about the climate and their proximity to the equator. We learnt how to hoola with our arms and had fun in the shade on the field at lunchtime. 

KWs - Before the scorching sun hit we went to Forest School and created our own 'mini worlds' to help with our free writing tomorrow. A few games later, we spent a lovely lunchtime in the new and improved forest school area on the field (thank you Mrs Ritchie and Mrs Mortimer).  We spent the afternoon designing and creating our own rockets ready for tomorrows big launch!

Yr6 - Today we spent the morning at forest school den building and shelter building.  The children created some great games to play and did some wild art with the clay and Hapa Zome.  After lunch we found out how to calculate volume using a formula and by using the water displacement method.  Lots of appreciation for the chance to cool our hot feet down and some great measuring skills shown.


Another beautiful day inside and outside of school. We had 48 children in across our 4 bubbles today. 

YrR - Today Robin Class explores creating art with shadows, building with loose parts and some used books to create plays / shows.  We showed off our phonics skills to Mrs Ritchie, we read to each other and Miss Pope and had a PE lesson on the field after our lunch, running the circuit Miss Pope had created. As a class we have had a really, really lovely day and look forward to more adventures tomorrow.

Yr1 - Today Magpies annotated their journals from yesterday and used Base 10 to add and subtract 2 digit numbers. Then they headed off to Forest School and created nature rainbows on the way. Down in the woods they had a try at willow weaving, whittled sticks, made a fire, built dens, cleared the stream and organised their own Forest School Olympics. They had lunch and then roasted marshmallows for smores. They then had a roasting hike back up to the school!

KWs - What a lovely day (weather wise and children)! We had a fantastic morning of 'Indiana Jones Maths'. We created our own maths based challenges to navigate. The children set their own 'traps' and produced their own maths questions. This was an excellent morning full of conversations, learning and fun. This afternoon was very hot. We had a brilliant game of Ultimate Frisbee/End Ball/Aussie Rules. Again, lots of skill shown by all and lots of fun. Please could you remember a plastic bottle for tomorrows DT challenge. Thank you!

Yr6 -  After a morning of appreciating all the art the reception children had made for us and creating some of our own for them, we revitalised the flower bed under the big oak tree.  Thanks to Mr Page for creating the bed and to Mrs Ritchie for the plants - the children had a great time planting up some Marigolds, some thyme and a Salvia.  After this we did some wild maths on the field - lots of great work done here.   We then looked at the character of Queen Elizabeth I and how she was depicted in her portraits.   The children came up with lots of good ideas and derived lots of conclusions from the symbolic items included in her portraits.  In the afternoon, we then embarked on our own contemporary self portraits which we designed so that they said something about us. 


The sun is shining and the week has started fantastically. We now have 47 pupils across our 4 bubbles.

A letter to update you all on our plans for the last 4 weeks is currently being produced and will be ready by Wednesday. 

YrR: Today reception finished their layers of the ocean artwork, creating moveable puppets for their pictures. They also created some art work for their buddies on the playground along with using shadows to create pictures of each other! We enjoyed a picnic on the field this afternoon too! 

Yr1: Today we started our ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ learning journey. They went on a long walk and experienced writing journals about our travels. They also had a picnic lunch, played games in the long grass and found lots of mini beasts. Back in class, they experimented with primary colours to produce many different secondary ones.

KWs: It was excellent to welcome a new member to Hero Class. We spent the morning completing our own chalk art inspired by David Zinn. We used minimal equipment and thought how to use our outside space creatively.  The afternoon was spent challenging Year 6 to a quiz. This was excellent fun and lots of brilliant knowledge was shown. Another fantastic start to the week. Could Hero Class please bring in a plastic bottle (coke bottle or something similar) for Wednesday.

Yr6: This morning, we tested our maths brains with a maths Scavenger Hunt -  we used things we found to create angles, shapes, measure different lengths and find percentages and fractions of amounts. We read our class story ' My father is a Polar Bear' and triumphed in the Hero Class vs Year 6 quiz. We carried on swatting up on the Tudors ready to explore the image and portraits of Elizabeth 1st.

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