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This Week (Week 6)

Next Week

To support families for next week, due some of the arrangements changing, please read below to know where and when your child will be welcomed in to school. 

Monday 13th – Thursday 16th July 2020

Reception Bubble - 9.00 to 2.45 each day. Drop off and collect from the Pre-School Gate.

Year 1 Bubble -  8.40 to 3.05 each day. Drop off and collect from the Main Gate.

Year 6 Bubble - 8.50 to 3.15 each day. Drop off and collect from the Pedestrian Gate.

Key Worker Bubble - 8.30 to 2.55 each day. Drop off and collect from the Church Gate. Key Worker Bubble will be taken over by Mr Elms and Mrs Wiggins. There is no Additional Bubble this week.

Year 4 Bubble will be invited back for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week only - 9.00 – 2.30 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and 3.00 on Thursday due to the Leavers' Service. They will be taught by Mr Page and Mrs Ritchie. (They will need own clothes, a packed lunch, water, sun hat, sun cream and will enter and exit the school via the Pedestrian Gates).

Thursday 16th July will be the last day of the school year for Year R, Year 1, Year 4 and Year 6.

Year R, Year 1, Year 4 and Year 6 will receive their end of year reports before they leave. 

Arrangements for Year 6's last week can be found on their Covid 19 Class Page. 

Any questions? Please contact Miss Keeler in the office using either: office@stonegate.e-sussex.sch.uk or 01580 200415. 


YrR - Today Robins spent some time this morning independently planting to improve our outdoor classroom garden, they planted some cress, nasturtiums and sunflowers. We also went on a caterpillar hunt. This afternoon Robins wanted a mini sports day, so they created their own! Another wonderful day had by all. 

Yr1 - Today we wrote about the habitats of our indigenous mammals for our non-fiction books. We drew labelled diagrams too. We played at field school during lunchtime and made some natural shelters. 

Kws - Today was the last day with Hero Class for myself and Mrs Mortimer. We both have absolutely loved having this wonderful group of children with us for the last six weeks. We have completed so many different activities and the children have made school a very fun and rewarding place to work. We finished our time together by completing many different mini games. These included 'the pirate game', golf, hide and seek, killer and many more. Congratulations to Bella (Pablito) who won overall. Amazing sportsmanship was shown by all and again lots of fun was had. Thank you again Hero Class for just being your amazing selves. 

Yr 6 - Today, we helped Mrs Jones complete her art installation and choreographed our leavers' songs.  After that we practised for sports day.

Additional Bubble - Today was our last session but we have had a great time learning about teh history of the High Weald. Today we imagined that we were Anglo Saxon Drovers and travelled through the ancient woodlands next to our school to find acorns to fatten up our pigs. This was a fantastic adventure!


Yr R - Today Robins helped Mrs Jones with a community art project. We then explored some special books the children had brought in and the children read to each other. We had a wonderful morning with Mr Broad for music too! To finish the day the children put on a show and created “food and got chocolate for each other”. 

Yr 1 - Today we started writing our non-fiction mammal books. Then we went down to forest school and set up shelters before it started to rain - but then the rain didn’t come! We learnt to tie different knots and hammer tent pegs. We enjoyed lunch under the tarps and then played in the mud! We went back to class and finished making our bottle fish.

KWs - Today Hero Class lived up to their name. We learnt that adults make mistakes and that we can all learn from them. We had to complete our community art project from yesterday again due to a mistake that I made. They did so with maturity and with an amazing attitude. We had brilliant discussions about learning from mistakes and the benefit of trying things more than once. The class were all in agreement that their second attempt was more successful that their first. Thank you Hero Class for helping me.

Yr 6 - Today  (and yesterday) some of us visited Uplands to meet our form tutors and some of the other children from our new forms.  It's been great to see how excited  the children are about their next step.  We then made it our mission to help Mrs Jones with an art project that will be displayed in the wider community.  The project focuses on the need to recycle, reduce and reuse plastics in a bid to protect and conserve our environment and in particular the oceans.  While other classes have produced some beautiful pieces of art, Year 6 was asked to produce some poetry to sit within the display.  Using 'Commotion in the Ocean' by Giles Andrea as our inspiration, we used our learning to create some short poems about the impact of plastic pollution on marine life.  The rest of the day was spent doing some music with Mr Broad and preparing for the leavers' service.


Today we welcomed our highest number of children back to school. Across 5 bubbles today we had 71 children - it was lovely! 

Yr R - Today Robin Class participated in team games on the field, reading to each other and teachers as well as child initiated learning. They spent a lot of time in the outside area building houses, debs, making potions, painting the stage and building cars with the KNEX. 

Yr 1 - Today we researched some of the mammals that we saw traces of in the woods. We learnt how to search for information online and make notes. We went on an array hunt and wrote out lots of multiplication sentences to match them. This afternoon we did the next stage of our bottle fish art.

KWs - As a class we supported Mrs Jones and the community with an art project. The children took excellent pride and care over producing wonderful pieces of art. We then completed our vegetable patch preparation and planted the courgette plants that were given to us. The afternoon consisted of a very tactical game of capture the flag and the daily mile was also completed. Another fun day had by all and the lovely weather was a welcome addition. 

Yr 6 - Today we painted our clay models and  tested our maths brains.  We practised our leavers' songs and prepared for the leavers' service. 

Additional Bubble - Today we continued learning about the history of the High Weald. We discovered what the area was like during Tudor times, completed Tudor Shields and learnt how to complete and read a bar chart. 


A fantastic start to the week. We welcomed 55 children to the school today. 

Yr R - Today Robin Class had their first Sports Day at Stonegate! They all worked so hard and shows fantastic sportsmanship, cheering on and congratulating each other  on their efforts. Thank you parents and teachers for coming to support and well done and thank you Robin Class for being so wonderful! You should be very proud! 

Yr1 - Today we went for a long walk. We found a meadow and did some net sweeping. We collected minibeasts and the found out about them. We saw crickets, grasshoppers, red soldier beetles, common ground beetles, ladybirds, ladybird nymphs, spiders, shield bugs and a rather beautiful five-spotted Burnett moth. Then we went back and learnt about the different types of animal there are and what a mammal is.

KWs - We welcomed two new children into Hero Class and spent the morning being creative whilst focussing on teamwork, communication and building relationships. We completed our own abstract art and then spent the rest of the morning at forest school. It was brilliant to see children taking calculated risks and persevering with challenges. The afternoon was filled with an excellent P.E competition. Danish Longball, hand tennis and swampball made up a very closely matched afternoon. It has been a fantastic day had by all.

Yr6 - Today,  we undertook the 24 challenge - could we use 4 numbers and the four operations to make the number 24.  The children did some great problem solving and the girls, in particular, showed some brilliant resilience and perseverance.  After that we practised our races for sports day where we ran and did some obstacle and novelty races.  Cheering our reception buddies on at their sports day filled the afternoon with a lot of fun - well done Robins; you were great!  Following this treat, we practised our leavers' songs. 

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