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Year 3/4 Sustainability Residential 2019


Day 1

Day 2

Day 2 - Started with a lovely breakfast with Mr Hayward managing to break the record and eat six slices of toast. We then had multiple winners for the tidyest rooms (this was taken very seriously).

We made our way to Butsar Farm where we journeyed through the ages. We became archaeologists, had a tour of the Roman Villa, compared life from the Stone Age to Saxon times and comleted a whole host of different activities throughout the day. The school couldn't have been praised enough by the staff who said their behaviour and attitude towards eachother and staff was impeccable. It was a fantastic way to spend the day and the whole class did us all very proud.

We then returned for some free time where many prepared for Stonegate had got talent 2019, whilst others played capture the cone and cricket. We had another very tasty dinner and made our way to the camp fire. Suprisingly, the blue skies stayed and we played lots of games. Stonegate has got talent had an eclectic mix of entries and a new champion was crowned.

Mission accomplished - children were finally tired and after a story everyone went to bed. We have woken up to glorious rain and we have a day of sustainability and team building ahead. 

We will message when we have a more accurate idea of a returning time. We are aiming to leave at 2pm however this might change due to the weather. We have had a fantastic time and the children could not have been anymore amazing. See you all back at school.

Mr Page, Mrs Ritchie, Mrs Mortimer, Miss Flory and Miss Price.

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