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Stonegate School PTA - Christmas Shopping Event 2020

Fundraising for 2020-2021

Stonegate School has a thriving PTA which aims to raise money to support the learning of every child.

If you wish to join the PTA, details can be found below or in the 'PTA Information Tree' in the front playground of the school.

About the PTA

What are we?

The Parents Teachers Association (PTA) is just that - a committee of staff and parents working together for the good of the school. The PTA is a bridge between the school and parents and draws them together in a common goal – making Stonegate School the best it can be.

The majority of the PTA’s work focuses on fundraising but linked into this is a social aspect – with family fun days or quiz/race nights, fetes and fairs. The children and parents and teachers are given a way to enjoy the social aspects of school life and also feel part of the wider community of Stonegate village.

The PTA has a core committee – a team of dedicated organisers who set all the wheels in motion for the main fundraising events and extra-curricular activities provided by the PTA. The Committee meet on a regular basis (once a term) – anyone is able to join and new members are always welcome. 

What do we do?

Most of the events we run are for fund-raising purposes and most of our funds are raised through the events we run!  Throughout the year we have other events or activities – a fantastic quiz night to name but one, but if there are any budding fundraisers out there, bursting with fresh ideas, we’d love to hear them!  The PTA are always delighted with any parental help they can get, so even if you’re only able to man a stall for half an hour, your efforts will still be very much appreciated.

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