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Stonegate School Nursery

In September 2020, we are planning on providing term time Early Years Foundation childcare as part of Stonegate Church of England Primary School by opening a Nursery to take children from 2 - 4 years of age.

We believe that through the varied and stimulating activities this Nursery will provide, we will be laying the perfect foundations for the very youngest learners to become confident, caring children who are able to realise their own potential and can take on any new challenge.

The learning area is currently under construction and will be ready to view by Easter 2020. 

From Monday 24th February 2020, we will be inviting interested parents to 'express their interest' for a place for the next academic year (September).


We will have fantastic facilities which will enable us to provide your child with a varied, fun, educational start to their school lives.  

As we are part of the school the children will be able to join the rest of the school for some assemblies, enrichment events and to share learning activities.

They will also have a shared play area with the reception children which will help them to become familiar with being in amongst the older ones.

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