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How Kapow supports our curriculum

The benefits for Stonegate School are:

Full national curriculum coverage - There is planning for mixed-age classes which meets our schooling structure and curriculum vision perfectly.

Clear subject planning - A carefully sequenced, cohesive curriculum with a clear rationale to support our learners and our teacher subject leaders.

Learning which is knowledge-rich and builds skillsLesson plans deepen pupil knowledge and extend vocabulary. Includes varied and enjoyable recap and retrieval opportunities for all learners. 

There are diverse and inclusive resources for teachers to use - Teachers are given videos, interactive presentations, knowledge organisers, songs, quizzes, assessment materials to enrich the learning of every pupil. 

Learning which provides enjoyment - Learners and teachers have access to ever-evolving resources and activities which are enjoyed in over 5,700 other schools. 

Our vision for the curriculum

We aim to provide through high quality teaching and learning experiences every child with the key knowledge and transferrable skills they require to achieve in all subjects and develop a love of learning which will be with them for their whole life.

To meet these expectations, and those of the National Curriculum (Breadth of Knowledge), we follow the Kapow Curriculum (Depth of Knowledge).  

In order for children to reach our high expectations, we set them challenge questions, set them next step targets and employ a range of teacher, peer and self assessment strategies. 

Please speak to Mr Elms if you require any further information on Kapow or the general curriculum. Information can also be found at: www.kapowprimary.com

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