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Our Creative Curriculum

We believe that the curriculum should engage children so they not only see a value and use for learning but come to appreciate that the concept of lifelong learning is a key component in a rich and fulfilling life.

Where possible, much of our learning is completed outside of the classroom, as we believe that this provides children with real life, concrete examples of learning. 

At Stonegate where we undertake a 'Learning Journey' approach to the curriculum where a number of subjects are linked together under one topic to create the greatest levels of excitement and enrichment. 

How do we achieve this?


Our vision drives our thinking for which learning experiences and curriculum activities will allow every member of our school community to flourish. 

We have developed a number of strong themes which flow throughout our learning and the development of keys skills across the curriculum allow us to develop a 7 year experience which:

  1. Inspires an inquisitiveness based on real life and first hand experiences.
  2. Provides an appreciation of our natural world, local environment and how we can all make a change.
  3. Highlights the importance of living to the values described by Jesus and reinforces the benefits of community. 
  4. Creates learners who are thoughtful, reflective, happy, confident, kind, responsible, healthy, tolerant, aspirational and who love life. 
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