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Our Christian Distinctiveness

At Stonegate we aim to provide the features of a Distinctive Christian Ethos by:   

Developing an inspirational and challenging learning environment which includes:  

Links between the gospel of Christ and the daily life of the school;

An atmosphere of encouragement, acceptance and respect;

A sensitivity to individual needs where children's self-esteem and confidence grow and where they feel able to make mistakes without fear of criticism;

Partnerships between adults and children;

Sensitivity towards the beliefs, hopes and fears of parents;

Providing stepping stones to and from the community;

A curriculum that combines academic rigour with fun, learning about all God's creations, sensitivity and prayerfulness.

We aim to offer the pupils the opportunity to:

Reflect on the importance of a system of personal belief;

Recognise the place a Christian faith has in the lives of people;

Develop a sense of wonder, awe, curiosity and mystery;

Understand the difference between right and wrong and the consequences of their actions for themselves and others;

Be creative, questioning and imaginative within a broad Christian framework that recognises the importance of experience, personal values and respect for the beliefs of others;

Recognise, respect and celebrate cultural diversity. 

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