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Bawdsey Manor 2022

The children from Year 5/6 have travelled to the picturesque village of Bawdsey on the Suffolk coast for a week of adventure and team building. 


Manic Monday

Following a very uneventful journey in our luxury Hams Travel coach, we arrived at the centre and were taken by Naomi (PGL Leader) to our rooms in the main Manor (many with sea views). 

Our evening meal consisted of pasta, sausages, chicken kievs, mash and as much salad as you can eat.  

The evening activity of capture the flag was enjoyed by everyone and was meant to tire everyone out - it did not! 

Room Points have been awarded for tidy rooms, clean children, to those showing our school values and especially to those who have not kept teachers up all night by talking in their rooms! 

Tired Tuesday!

As the title states we have had alot of tired children today - but to their credit they have powered through a full day of activities. 

The groups today have completed the high octane giant swing, trapeze, challenge course and abseiling tower as well as the more sedate fencing,  beach walk and coastal exploration experience. 

This evening we have completed crazy rounders, dodgeball and the ever so wet water balloon volleyball. 

As a healthy food connoisseur, I have been particularly impressed with the way many of the children have starting to triple carb meals. We did have Mr Elms' favourite 'Christmas Treat' for pudding this evening - Rice Crispie Cake with a smartie - it was as if we had take Mrs Knight to PGL with us! 

It is now 9.30pm and all of the children are quiet, clean, happy and now asleep... but for how long? Update in the morning :) 

Winning Wednesday

So how is it 'Winning Wednesday' I hear you ask?


  • The children slept the whole night without any dramas (we tired them out).
  • We have been on time for breakfast, lunch and every session today. 
  • There was a great morning of challenge course, big swing, sensory trail, abseiling and zip wire. 
  • The smart choice of Pasta Bolognaise, garlic bread and potato salad has ensured carbohydrate levels for the afternoon are at peak levels
  • Naomi, our group leader, is going above and beyond to ensure all the children are organised, entertained and comfortable in our home from home. 
  • The sun is out and we are in a beautiful part of the country! Hence the celebratory Ice Creams. 
  • After a great afternoon of activities and an evening activity of Splash, the children settled down to another good restful night of sleep. 
  • Wednesday was a wonderful day!

'Time to Triumph' Thursday

Today our wonderful children have had another round of team building activities, rope sessions and for the first time archery.

In the evening we charged around in Whacky Races before we finished up with a stroll and a Mrs Baigent led sing song on the beach - she was ably supported by DJ Mrs Hirst on the decks. 

This has been a truly incredible day, where the children have achieved personal and collective challenges and the school values of Friendship and Courage has been on show everywhere you look and from every child. 

Feeling Good Friday

We packed, we tidied and organised all before breakfast meaning that we were ready to take on the challenges of our last day. 

On our final morning the children took part in Zip Wire, Survivor, Buggy Building and Problem Solving. 

It is with sadness that we are going to say goodbye to this wonderful place we have called home this week - we have had a great week, incredible children, brilliant instructors and just an amazing time. 

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