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Little Acorns (Pre-School) and Acorns Class (Reception)

If you need to self isolate for 2 weeks - why don't you try these activities?

We would love to keep in touch during this time, so please upload any pictures to Tapestry. 

Miss Sanchez and Miss Pope

Self Isolation work

Watch this clip related to the Colour Monster


Activity 1 - After watching can you get each colour and draw as many objects as you can think of that are that colour e.g. red = post box, love heart, fire engine. 

Activity 2 - Collect six boxes/bottles/jars. Go on a colour hunt around your home and fill each one with the colours from the story that match the colour monster’s emotions.

Activity 3 -  Can you create your own shape monster? What shape will you use for its body? Eyes? What about its legs? How many arms will it have? Draw your monster or create it with craft materials.

Activity 4 - Draw a square, rectangle, circle and triangle on a piece of paper or ask your grown up to help. Go around your house and see what different objects you can find that are the same shape. Which shape did you find the most objects for?

Other Activities

Rainbow name writing - Grab a red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink and purple pencil (or any colours that you have at home). Can you write your first name in each colour to make a rainbow of your name! If you can write your first name, try your surname!

Fine Motor Skills - This activity will help you with your fine motor skills, which are very important for writing! Set up a cutting station filled with lots of paper, string, cardboard or recycling that you can use to practise cutting. If you do not have scissors to hand, try tearing different objects.

Family Portrait - As children are settling into a new space, they love seeing friendly faces of family members in their classroom. Perhaps they could draw a portrait of people who live at home. We would love to put them in our classroom and add them to our family trees.

Family Portrait - Cartoon, HD Png Download, Transparent PNG

The 5, 10, 20 or 100 leaf challenge - Collect 5, 10, 20 or 100 autumn leaves from your garden and see what shapes and pictures you can make with them. Don’t forget to take a photo! 

Autumn Leaf Spiral | Helvelyn & Striding Edge weekend. The C… | Flickr

Phonics - Which sounds can you hear inside and outside your house? Can you make up a silly word to rhyme with your name? Which sounds can you make with your body/ voice?

Scientists explain in more detail how we hear via bones in the skull |  Imperial News | Imperial College London

General Ideas to try

Practice some songs with Mr Broad - click on the link below for fun songs and rhymes


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